Fraction Bar Fraksi Pecahan


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• Visualize the concept of fraction with 9 different colors
• Identify unit and the need for parts of a unit to be the same size in the length based fraction.
• Each fraction bar represents a whole, halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, eights, tenths, and twelfths

Fractions often cause difficulty for students and hence there is a plethora of manipulative materials designed to support the teaching and learning of fraction concepts. Early fraction teaching typically uses either length based or area based models to develop student understanding of fraction ideas such as the need to identify the unit and the need for parts of a unit to be the same size. It is for this reason that length based fraction manipulative are recommended first. Rectangles and squares are simpler to partition or cut up either physically or mentally than circles.

Package Size: 23×20.5×0.4cm


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