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Kiedler is an Indonesian retailer of educational resources and learning material.

Our purpose is to unleash children’s potential by promoting direct hands-on learning.

Our mission is to promote children’s learning through play in a fun way to spark their love of learning to be lifelong learners in the future.

Kiedler believe knowledge comes from experience and we understand that children learn best by doing. Therefore, we carefully selected high-quality, innovative, and valuable educational products for our customers.

Kiedler is for:


Teacher & Institutional

Parents & Home-Educator

Kiedler selects products that appropriates for children at various developmental stages so they can learn and grow. We are aiding children’s educational development by providing the joy of learning from our selective wide range of products.

Our goal is to make a simple activity for children to play and learn at home with products that are available in our shop. You will find tons of ideas to play with products we carry on

We dedicate our Research and Development team to providing high-quality educational resources for classroom supplies. We believe that for children, playing is the path for them to learn. With the appropriate hands-on educational materials, children will develop a deeper understanding of what they need to learn. Therefore, Kiedler focuses on providing distinguish wide range of educational products that involve S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics), Construction, Language, Geography, Social Studies, Puzzles, Open-ended Toys and many more.

Since childhood cannot be repeated, a closer relationship between parents and children is very essential for children’s development process. Hereby, Kiedler tries to facilitate parent and children relationships by supplying the best educational products to strengthen parenthood bonds while providing a chance for children to learn and play with the right toys.

We love to support parents and home-educator by providing the best educational resources so that we can maximize children’s learning experiences.

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