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8 different length flexible sticks, size range from 2.5cm to 15cm, with quardrants and semi-circles with 2 protractors.

Everything you need for geometry: This huge set includes 100 flexible, snappable sticks in 10 color-coded lengths, 2 protractors and 16 double-sided activity cards. An ideal set for lessons at school or home!

Teach 2D geometry with construction: Use the straight and curved sticks to teach shapes, symmetry, lines and angles. A hands-on math manipulative for grades 3+, this set accommodates National Common Core Standards.

Learn math in a “snap”!: With multiple connection points, children can construct triangles, polygons, circles and more. Connect them directly to the transparent protractors for angle measurements!

Hands on learning

Flexible sticks in different lengths that snap together at multiple points allowing students to investigate
planar geometry.

Explore geometric concepts

Use our GeoStix® and protractors to learn geometric concepts of triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons and circles.

 Unique and versatile educational tool

The straight and curved flexible sticks snap together very easily,  makes it an ideal hands on manipulative for students to explore geometric concepts.

Set includes: 100 sticks, 2 protractors and 16 activity cards in plastic container.


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